HDB BTO Application Process: How Do You Buy Your Very First Home in 2023?

HDB BTO Application Process

When Singaporeans become adults, a typical rite of adulthood is the purchase of an HDB BTO flat. Here are the 6 steps to buying your very first BTO flat in 2021.

Home Loan Refinancing Guide for Singapore: What to Consider Before Going Ahead in 2023

Home Loan Refinancing Considerations

Your decision to refinance your home loan can be due to certain common reasons such as taking cash out, getting a lower payment, or to shorten your mortgage term.

CPF Housing Grants for HDB Flats: What’s Your Maximum Grant Amount?

CPF Housing Grants Guide for HDB Flats.001

CPF (or HDB) housing grants are typically given to lower income households to help make home purchases more affordable.

HDB Flat Price Guide: What Type Can I Really Afford?

HDB flat affordability guide.001

When you decide on a HDB flat as your place, there are certain things you should take into consideration.