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Our smart technology and loan experts match you with
the right loan options directly on our platform and help
you get approved faster.

Our smart technology and loan experts match you with the right loan options directly on our platform and help you get approved faster.

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“I love how I can take the time and check all lender options on my dashboard and chat with loan managers directly on the platform.”

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“Fast and hassle free service. No pressure in taking up any loans in fact customer service gave me some great advise and liaised with the lender.”

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All your personalised loan options & rates in one simple dashboard view

Once you have completed your loan application, customised offers & rates will start to appear on your dashboard and once you like the look of one, you can chat about details with one of our loan specialists. Your application stays on the platform and you get to watch offers fly in as it happens.

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Your Personal Loan Broker

As your personal loan broker, ROSHI helps you access, compare and apply for loans directly through our online platform. Our technology replaces the need to run from bank to bank and to apply via various websites.

Through your application dashboard, you can view loan options from various lenders online including all the insights and tools of a traditional broker.

Independent Loan Consultant

ROSHI works for you as your loan consultant, not the lender. Our Singapore-based loan specialists review your application and match you to suitable lenders.

We negotiate with lenders on your behalf to get favourable rates and repayment terms. Our AI powered loan matchmaking platform analyses borrower profiles and matches them with lenders likely to approve applications.

Online Loan Marketplace

As Singapore's first online loan marketplace, we integrate direct access to multiple banks, licensed moneylenders and other fintech lenders.

Borrowers can compare and review loan options for personal loans, mortgages, fast cash loans and more without running from bank to bank or apply on multiple websites.

Mortgage & Financing Advice

Our mortgage consultants and loan specialists help you navigate the complex loan application process. Our team of experts explain loan specifics in simple terms and provide guidance based on lending requirements, borrower profiles and approval chances.

ROSHI is one of Singapore's most trusted and unbiased online financing brokers whose mission is to provide consumers with expanded lending accessibility at the most favourable interest rates and repayment terms.

We are changing
the lending game

ROSHI enables borrowers to receive personalised loan options in real-time directly on our platform, avoiding the hassle of calling, visiting or applying with multiple money lenders or banks.


Access to the best personal loan rates


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Customer first, non biased advice


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Singapore's first loan marketplace

Instead of breaking your back going from bank to bank, ROSHI sources bespoke lending solutions directly on our platform. Compare customised loan options and chat directly with loan managers to find the best rates in the market.

All lenders means more choice and better rates

Choosing from over 200 different lender options means you can find the right loan for your individual needs. Plus, our loan experts will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible.

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What our customers say...
Joanne Low
3 months ago

I was very happy with the service rendered by ROSHI. I encountered some issues and the next day someone contacted me via text and helped me out immediately. She gave me very good advice as to how to go about getting a personal loan, of which I did immediately on the same day ! Thank you so much for your excellent service !

Nur Azira
4 months ago

I would like to extend my upmost gratitude to Roshi & team for finding for me a suitable lender at the fastest time possible. Eventho the pre approved amount was not as per the final offer upon the appointment, the sucess rate of having it approved was amazing, esp in the financial situation i was in at that point of time. Now, i have the space of a flexible payment plan, thanks to Roshi. Wouldn't get a better offer from any other unlike theirs. Thank you!

6 months ago

Ms April from Roshi provided me excellent customer service!!! When I most needed the help she went above and beyond to assist me to get the loan! I will never forget your kind help Ms April! Trust Roshi you will be delighted! I just wish I knew about Roshi much sooner :) Best wishes for the new year Ms April and all in your team!

Finding the Right Loan (FAQ’s)

What types of loans do you offer?
We provide access to home, refinance, personal instalment, renovation, debt consolidation, student, medical, fast cash, emergency and wedding loans and others from our wide network of licensed lenders on our marketplace.
How does ROSHI compare to going directly to a bank?
Unlike a bank or moneylender, ROSHI gives you access to multiple loan options and our team of experts negotiate with lenders on your behalf.
How long does it take to get loan approval?
Our fast online application process means you can receive loan offers in as little as a few hours after applying and for approvals to be completed within 1 to 2 days.
What documents do I need to apply?
For our team to process your application we require a copy of your NRIC/FIN, three latest payslips, an updated credit report and any outstanding debt statements. Our customer success team will review provided documents and reach out if any other files are needed.
Who exactly is my loan advisor?
A dedicated member of our team is assigned to understand your financial situation and goals and provide assistance in securing your loan.
What fees does ROSHI charge?
ROSHI helps you access loans for free. Only if your application is approved and you accept a loan offer would we earn a small commission from the lender.
Should I get quotes from multiple loan brokers?
Yes, checking rates from at least 2-3 brokers gives you greater selection. ROSHI saves you the time by consolidating options.
What should I look for when comparing marketplace lending platforms?
Check they use secure data protocols. Compare the number of lenders and customer reviews too.
How can I improve my chances for loan approval?
Maintaining a strong credit score, repaying credit card balance and loans on time and consistent income are key to increase approval chances.
What details do mortgage consultants want to see?
They will evaluate factors like your income, existing debts, credit profile, property transaction details and more.
Why have a loan marketplace instead of applying directly?
Marketplaces like ROSHI give you more choice, better rates and handle paperwork. This saves you effort and stress trying to directly access multiple lenders.
Should I use a moneylender or stick to bigger banks?
ROSHI helps you to compare options across banks, licensed moneylenders, fintechs and more in one unified dashboard.
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