Citibank Quick Cash Loan

Citibank Quick Cash Loan
(Product Review)

Updated July 19, 2024

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Annual Interest Rate


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Current Citibank Quick Cash Loan Rate

Today's Citibank Quick Cash Loan interest rate trends in Singapore - As of Friday, July 19th, 2024, Citibank Quick Cash Loan’s annual interest rate stands at 3.45% with an effective interest of 6.50%.

Product Review

Citibank is one of Singapore’s most prominent banks with an impressive net worth of $4.1+ billion (according to its recent 2021 yearly statement). It promotes a collection of financial services including personal loans. The bank’s Citibank Quick Cash loan provides borrowers with fixed installment options within 60 months. Coupled with their affordable annual and effective interest rate (EIR). Citibank Quick Cash offers many favorable features.

Recently, their promoted interest rates begin at 3.45%, with an EIR of 6.5%. Since many interest rate charges are customized based on client profiles, the Citi Quick Cash rates on offer could be distinct, subject to certain conditions.

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* For a loan amount of $20,000, APR of 6.95%, 5 year tenure, the tot. loan payable will be $26,940 with a monthly cost of $449. An individualised APR will be presented at the end of your application. Max. APR 8.88%. Min. repayment period 3 months, max. 72 months.

As a potential customer, you must learn about the benefits and drawbacks of requesting a Citi Quick Cash personal loan before making any purchase decision.

Citibank’s Quick Cash loan is an excellent financing option for borrowers seeking short-term financing options. The effective interest rates for loans of 1 to 3 years (from 6.5%), making it a competitive alternative for short-term financing requirements. Furthermore, Citibank’s minimum loan amount of S$1,000 is lower than other banks that tend to require minimum loan amounts of S$5,000

Citibank Quick Cash Loan Fees

Unlike other banks, Citibank does not charge any working or introductory yearly fees. So you don’t have to pay any additional charge except if you delay payments.. In such cases, penalty payments will occur.

Citibank’s Quick Cash loan used to feature some expensive long-term rates. Although, they have promoted some of the lowest fees for 4 to 5 year long loans at a rate of 4.6-4.8%. A 6.5% EIR for all of their loans makes this loan comparatively lower then HSBC’s (7% EIR).


HSBC charges a 2.5% early repayment fee and a $75 late fee. Both fees are comparable to those charged by other banks. To avoid accruing unnecessary fees, we recommend repaying any loan in due time.

Overview of Citibank Quick Cash Loan Interest Rates

Loan Duration AIR Fee EIR Total Cost Monthly Payment
1 Year 3.45% $0 6.50% S$10,345 S$862
2 Year 3.45% $0 6.50% S$10,690 S$445
3 Year 3.45% $0 6.50% S$11,035 S$307
4 Year 3.45% $0 6.50% S$11,380 S$237
5 Year 3.45% $0 6.50% S$11,725 S$195
*Rates Updated July 19, 2024 - Loan Amount Example S$10,000

Citibank Quick Cash Loan Requirements

According to the benchmark by other banks, applicants must be between 21 and 65 years old. Singaporeans, Permanent residents (PR), or foreigners with a valid Singapore work permit, are qualified to apply for a Citi Quick Cash loan.

Applicants require a basic annual salary of $30,000 for Singaporeans and Permanent residents and $42,000 for foreigners to qualify. Thus, citizens and PRs receiving above S$25,000 will appreciate Citi Quick Cash personal loan as a favorable alternative.

Note that only new to bank customers are qualified for this financial product. So new to bank clients with registered SingPass can start the process with MyInfo. The bank will remit a copy of clients NRIC (front and back), their recent computerized income statement, or their latest 12 months’ CPF Contribution History Account for the Citi Quick Cash private loan request.


S$150 cash reward with min. loan amount of S$15,000. T&C’s apply


  • Apply via ROSHI

    Visit the ROSHI marketplace and click on the Citibank site link.

    With SingPass MyInfo, Citibank will obtain your valid information including your financial statement, and reduce the application process. The prospective approval page will be displayed after remitting your MyInfo.

  • Provide Required Documents

    As per any application process, credentials are required to receive approval. These documents are:

    • NRIC or other identification details
    • Latest computerized paycheck
    • Latest 6 months CPF Contribution History Report
    • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment (NOA) if you desire a higher loan.
  • Receive your loan disbursement within 15 minutes

    On approval, your cash will be disbursed within 15 minutes (business day)


  • Reasonable interest rates

    New to bank customers can enjoy reasonable interest rates from as low as 3.45% p.a. (EIR 6.5%)

  • Get your cash

    Existing Citibank customers can receive their cash within 24 hours

  • Get the most out of your credit card

    Customize your credit card limit and enjoy connected benefits

  • Mobile app

    The mobile app has a simplified application process

  • Annual income Requirement

    Yearly minimum income of $30,000 for Singapore citizens and PRs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any flexible repayment options for the Citi Quick Cash loan?

Yes, the current repayment period ranges from one to five years at various enticing rates.

What is the penalty for late monthly repayments?

The penalty is $100 or 3% of the current loan (whichever is higher).

What is the disbursement time ranke for Citibank loans?

A connected Citibank account receives the loan immediately after it has been approved. However, a connected bank account that is not affiliated with Citibank, will receive it in at least 3 business days.