About Us

ROSHI – Master All Your Money Moves

We’re ROSHI – a group of like-minded, financial revolutionaries, here to help you master all your money moves.
A disrupter in digital lending, we provide Singapore with a first to market real-time loan marketplace,
the latest price checkpoints, easy to use comparison tools and expert insights to answer all money questions.

Whether you’re a student, professional, first home buyer, investor or retiree, helping you
master all your money moves is our mission.

What Sets Us Apart

Quick & easy comparison

Our straightforward comparison functionality allows you to master product comparison with confidence. Our database includes over 500 products from more than 50 providers, so you can easily sort and compare to find products that suit your budget, spending habits and lifestyle.

We cut through the jargon

Our dedicated team of financial revolutionaries and money experts are here to help you understand and master tricky financial lingo, crunch the numbers and line out better ways to spend and save.

Challenging the status quo

We are a catalyst of change in the money marketplace - by developing and adding innovative tools to our platform we strive to provide consumers with smarter ways to learn about, compare and choose financial products. Big businesses come to us to get insights on consumer trends & behaviours.

Transparency matters

With a commitment to bringing you free services, we are always clear on the way we generate revenue. We do this through website advertising, product sponsorships, affiliate commissions and brokerage fees.