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UOB Home Loan
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Updated January 2, 2023

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Product Review

UOB is one of Singapore’s oldest merchant banks and is well known for its mortgage services. It is one of the largest financial institutions that offers some of the most competitive fixed and floating rates for various types of home loans. UOB estimates its outstanding global home loans to be S$88.6 billion and offers accessible loan costs which makes it a good source of home loans for interested homeowners. It provides manageable home loan packages and low-cost fixed and board rates for its valued customers.

UOB has a credible record as a home lender and offers attractive rates to prospective borrowers. Foreigners that desire to finance their building projects with local mortgage plans should consider the services of UOB. This innovative bank is also a major financier of HDB projects, condominium buildings and private property home loans.

Due to its unique banking style, impeccable reputation and overall attractive fixed rate and floating rate home loans, individuals seeking affordable loan rates and foreigners are advised to compare the rates of this bank with other alternatives. Clients that also prefer to refinance their home loans every few years will find this bank suitable for their needs.

UOB has the world’s highest credit ratings of “AA-” and “Aa1” and has been awarded the “Best SME bank in Singapore and the Asia Pacific” by the Asian Banker at the International Excellence in Retail Financial Service Awards.

UOB’s status as one of the established local commercial banks in Singapore and its loaning history of presenting home loan packages with interest rates that are reasonable to both new and existing property owners makes it worth considering as a source of home loans for borrowers. The progressive bank understands the inconveniences their clients encounter. So, they devised a fully digital home loan service system that allows users to enjoy end to end service via their partner agencies’ mobile apps.

UOB demands the standard service fees for partial repayment, termination and redemption services. However, currently, UOB does not have any available offerings for the public.

UOB HDB Home Loans

UOB offers some of the best HDB housing loans in Singapore. It is a major provider of building funds with total loan cost and affordable fixed and floating interest rates. In the table below are detailed descriptions of UOB’S current rates for HDB loans.

Bank 1st Year Interest Lock-in Period Apply Now
No offerings at this time

Homeowners that are considering a BTO unit will find the services of UOB remarkable and convenient for their needs. This renowned bank is among the most affordable lenders of home loans. The table below gives a detailed description of UOB’S current interest rates for BTO projects.

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UOB Check Live Rates

UOB Private Property Home Loans

UOB offers some of the best HDB loans and the lowest fixed and floating interest rates for private property purchases. Study the table below for UOB’s updated private property loan rates.

Bank 1st Year Interest Lock-in Period Lock-in Period
UOB Check Live Rates

In addition to the above offers, UOB tends to offer attractive introductory home loans for building projects regarding private property and HDB buildings. Its interest rates and total loan costs are generally among the cheapest options in the region. UOB’S current interest rates for private property will be listed below.

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  • Attractive Rates

    Individuals interested in budget-friendly home loan interest rates

  • Reasonable Introductory Amounts

    Mortgagers seeking introductory home loans that are tolerable

  • High Refinancing Amounts

    Borrowers seeking home loan refinancing for loans of more than S$500,000 will find it inconvenient


Loan Features
  • Affordable home loan interest rates in Singapore
  • Minimum principal loan of S$100,000
  • Loans available for interested foreigners

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UOB’s ML rate?

UOB’s ML rate is the bank’s board rate. It is calculated based on factors affecting UOB’s cost of business which include market rates, funding costs, credit costs, acquisition costs, just to name a few.

How do I repay my UOB home loan?

Once you decide to repay your UOB home loan, you have the option to use cash or CPF savings. Alternatively, if don’t have enough funds, you may use cash and your CPF savings together. If you decide to use your CPF savings, your acting lawyer must seek approval from the CPF Board first.

How do I calculate my UOB monthly repayments?

To find out how much you need to pay on a monthly basis, simply enter your desired loan amount, interest rate and loan tenure in our Mortgage Calculator.

Can I get a UOB home loan for an overseas property?

If you’re planning to purchase an overseas property in Australia, UK, Japan, Thailand or Malaysia, you can apply for UOB overseas property loan. However, do note that only major cities in these countries are covered.

Is fire insurance mandatory for UOB home loan?

Generally, HDB homeowners and private residential property homeowners are required to purchase fire insurance in Singapore.


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