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Updated June 11, 2024

Calculate HDB Loan Repayments Based on Current Rates

  • HDB Loan Rates
  • HDB Refinance Rates
Bank Scheme Lock In Period 1st Yr Interest 2nd Yr Interest 3rd Yr Interest 4th Yr Interest
Promotion 3 Year Fixed 3 years 2.88% 2.88% 2.88% 4.65%
OCBC 3 Year Fixed 3 years 2.88% 2.88% 2.88% 4.65%
Promotion 2 Year Fixed 2 years 2.90% 2.90% 4.40% 4.65%
DBS 2 Year Fixed 2 years 2.90% 2.90% 4.65% 4.65%
OCBC 2 Year Fixed 2 years 2.90% 2.90% 4.15% 4.65%
SBI 3-Month SORA 2 years 3.95% 3.95% 4.65% 4.65%
Maybank 3-Month SORA 0 year 4.10% 4.10% 4.10% 4.10%
OCBC 3-Month SORA 2 years 4.15% 4.15% 4.40% 4.65%
DBS 3-Month SORA 0 year 4.20% 4.20% 4.20% 4.20%
Maybank 3-Month SORA 1 year 4.20% 4.00% 4.20% 4.65%

*Today's Mortgage Rates - 11 June 2024

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The Benefits of Using an HDB Loan Calculator

Buying an HDB flat is an important milestone for many Singaporeans. With various HDB loan options and schemes available, it can get confusing to figure out your monthly repayments and overall cost.

This is where an HDB loan calculator comes in useful. A good HDB loan calculator lets you estimate your potential monthly repayments. Just input details like your loan amount, interest rates, loan tenure, and the calculator provides a snapshot of how much you may need to repay each month.

With quick estimates, you can better plan your finances before committing to an HDB loan. It facilitates discussion with your bank or mortgage broker too. You can review different scenarios by adjusting the loan tenure, amount, and interest rates.

While HDB loan calculators only provide estimates, they empower you to make sense of the numbers. Consult banks and mortgage brokers to get advice tailored to your personal financial situation as well. There may also be grants or schemes you qualify for.

How to Use the HDB Loan Calculator

Using our HDB loan calculator is easy - simply input your desired purchase price, the latest HDB interest rate, and preferred loan tenure in years. The calculator allows you to play around with these numbers and provides detailed output on total repayment amounts and monthly amounts split into principal and interest paid. This enables you to estimate loan affordability.

Benefits of Using our HDB Loan Calculator

Some key benefits of using the loan calculator are:

Estimate Monthly/Total Repayments

The calculator shows total principal+interest you would pay over full tenure, along with granular monthly repayment estimates

Model Scenarios Before Committing

By adjusting tenure, rates, loan amounts, you can model different scenarios to make the optimal choice

Facilitate Conversations

Come prepared for bank meetings with estimates handy for comparison

Key Inputs & Outputs

When using the calculator, key inputs required are:

  • • Purchase price
  • • Current interest rate
  • • Desired loan tenure

And key outputs you receive are:

  • • Monthly principal+interest repayment estimate
  • • Total repayment estimate over full tenure
  • • Principal vs interest split
Eligibility Criteria

Before taking an HDB loan, some key criteria determine your eligibility:

  • • Meet income ceiling and grant eligibility stipulated
  • • Total debt obligations cannot exceed threshold percentage of income
  • • Loan quantum capped based on existing home ownership
What is the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) for an HDB Loan?
For HDB loans, your total monthly debt obligations should not exceed 30% of your monthly income. This covers your HDB loan, credit card debts, personal loans, auto loans etc. Do verify with banks on their specific TDSR thresholds.
Is There a Cap on HDB Loan Amount?
You can borrow up to 90% of the HDB property purchase price with a HDB Concessionary Loan. The maximum quantum also depends on whether grants like CPF Housing grant are applicable. Loan caps vary based on citizenship status as well.
How to Estimate HDB Monthly Loan Repayments?
Use the HDB loan calculator to estimate repayments. Enter your expected loan amount, the current HDB interest rate, and preferred loan tenure in years. The calculator will estimate your monthly principal and interest amounts.
What is the Maximum HDB Loan Tenure?
The maximum tenure for HDB loans is 30 years. Maximum loan amounts are provided based on a tenure of 25 years though. So borrowing the full 90% of property value requires keeping tenure between 25-30 years.
How do HDB Interest Rates Work?
HDB interest rates are pegged to CPF rates but offered at a concession of 0.1% below CPF rates. They are reset monthly based on CPF rates so they float accordingly. Banks offer fixed rates for certain years before resetting them based on HDB rates monthly.
What is HPS Mortgage Insurance on HDB Loans?
The Home Protection Scheme (HPS) provides mortgage insurance designed to pay down your HDB loan in case of death or permanent disability. It is compulsory when utilizing CPF funds for the purchase. Premiums are paid out of your Ordinary HPS account.
Update Interest Rates
Rates change monthly, so enter the latest HDB interest rate to get an accurate estimate. Check HDB's website for the current rate.
Max Out Loan Length to 30 Years
Use the full 30 year tenure even if you plan to pay earlier. This shows the most conservative estimate.
Decrease Payment Amount
Take 5-10% off your actual down payment amount entered to account for other upfront costs.
Calculate Monthly Repayments
Use the repayment estimate as a guide for regular monthly budgets. Useful for planning!
Test Different Loan Amounts
Adjust the loan amount to see the impact on monthly obligations. Helps assess your affordability limit.
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