Maybank Home Loans

Maybank Home Loans
(Product Review)

Updated January 2, 2023

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Product Review

Maybank is Malaysia’s leading banking group with a wide range of banking services, including mortgage lending solutions. The bank is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, but operates 25% of its business in Singapore. Maybank is known for offering attractive introductory interest rates for prospective homeowners, although these rates tend to increase significantly after the first year.

As the fourth largest operating bank in Southeast Asia, Maybank Singapore is a subsidiary of the Maybank Group. With over 60 years of experience in the financial industry, the bank has a total net worth of S$81.5 billion in assets, according to its updated annual report.

Maybank Singapore provides Islamic financial services, such as Shari’ah-compliant property loans for business enterprises, as well as standard mortgage services for prospective homeowners.

Maybank’s mortgage bundles for home loans offer several bonuses, such as cash prizes, shopping coupons, and special renovating loan packages, among others. The bank is recognised as a reliable source of reasonable home loans in Singapore, and its branch in Singapore has received the globally recognised credit rating of “A1/P-1” from S&P. This rating is a high grade on the assessment scale.

It is important to note that Maybank tends to offer low first-year interest rates, which can quickly increase when market rates change. This can have a significant impact on the overall loan bill. Therefore, individuals interested in refinancing their home loans frequently may find Maybank’s services appealing. However, borrowers who are considering mortgages with a total loan cost should carefully consider Maybank’s offerings as they may not be entirely satisfactory.

Overall, Maybank is a reputable banking institution that offers attractive mortgage lending solutions and Islamic financial services. Its bonuses and credit rating make it an appealing option for borrowers seeking reasonable home loans in Singapore. However, it is crucial to consider the long-term impact of interest rate changes on the overall loan bill.

Maybank’s Applicable Mortgage Fees

Maybank has standard service fees associated with its home loans. These charges include partial repayment fees, full redemption charges and termination penalties. The table below gives a detailed description of Maybank’s fees according to each loan type.

Loan Type Partial Repayment fee Full Redemption Pinalty Cancellation Fee
Completed 1.5% 1.5% 0.75%
BUC N/A 0.75% 0.75%

Maybank HDB Home Loans

Maybank generally offers HDB home loans with sign-up interest rates for fixed and floating rates. However, Maybank’s total loan cost is more expensive when compared with other mortgaging banks. This occurs due to the significant increase in their fixed interest rates after the lock-in period has been exhausted. Live rates of Maybank’s HDB loan offerings are listed in the table below.

Bank 1st Year Interest Lock-in Period
MB Board Check Live Rates 2 Years
MB 3M SORA Check Live Rates 1 Year
MB 1M SORA Check Live Rates 1 Year

Maybank also grants moderate introductory interest rates for BTO projects and is usually more affordable in later years of the loan’s lifespan. This emphasizes that Maybank is suitable for individuals willing to regularly refinance their home loans. The updated interest rates of Maybank’s BTO project loans are stated in the table below.

Bank 1st Year Interest Lock-in Period
MB Board Check Live Rates 0
MB 3M SORA Check Live Rates 0
MB 1M SORA Check Live Rates 0

Maybank Private Property Home Loans

Maybank provides acceptable introductory fixed and floating rates for loans regarding private property. The bank rates are fit for individuals willing to regularly refinance their home loans and unsuitable for individuals that plan to utilize their initial loan terms until their lifespan is exhausted. For a current live view of Maybank’s private home loan rates, study the table below.

Bank 1st Year Interest Lock-in Period
MB Board Check Live Rates 2 Years
MB 3M SORA Check Live Rates 1 Year
MB 1M SORA Check Live Rates 1 Year

In addition to Maybank’s other loan types: is the provision for private property under construction. It makes available cost-effective first-year interest rates which tend to increase in coming years. Thus homeowners who will refinance their home loans every few years should take note of this bank. The table below describes the introductory rates of private property in Maybank.

Bank 1st Year Interest Lock-in Period
MB Board Check Live Rates 0
MB 3M SORA Check Live Rates 0
MB 1M SORA Check Live Rates 0
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  • Steep Total Mortgage Rates

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Loan Features
  • Low first-year interest rates, substantially higher rates in following years
  • Minimum principal loan: $300,000
  • Frequent Refinancing


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