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Junquan Yeo
8 months ago

A big thanks for an easy & comfortable experience for arranging my home loan right from my application they kept me updated the whole way, highly recommended.

Charo _
8 months ago

Excellent service. The loan specialist was very patient and explored all options with me to find the best one. They also took care of a very complicated process very easy. We couldn't be happier with the service and would not hesitate to recommend.

8 months ago

Great service from start to finish. Rather than pushing to done the first available loan offer, the team gave me advice as though they were the ones applying for my mortgage themselves. Thanks

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Fast Cash Loans in 2023

A cash loan is an easy smaller loan (between $1,000 to S$5,000) used to settle sudden bills and expenses. These loans are offered by many banks in Singapore, and follow the same principle and process as the bigger loans. Fast cash loans have various commonly used names.

Similar to other personal loans, a fast cash loan doesn't have security. So, the bank uses high-interest rates as compensation for the risk. Generally, the lifespan of a cash loan is lower than larger personal loans and other categories of loans. According to the loan size, each fast loan lifespan is one (1) to six(6) months.

When to consider a cash loan

An instant cash loan is an excellent choice when you have impromptu financial bills to settle. Hence, these loans should be considered when in dire financial difficulty.

Quick cash loans are short-term loans that do not require collateral for you to gain access to the loans. The amount you request will be instantly disbursed to you and your eligibility is not determined by what you have to offer (i.e. security). However, banks place high-interest rates on loans to discourage irresponsible loan applications.

Features to Compare among Cash Loan Providers

Consider the services offered by both bankers and moneylenders.

Loan amount
Depending on the loan amount, residents of Singapore can choose either banks or moneylenders for their loan.
Loan providers have different duration for repayment of loans. So, compare the banks and moneylenders to know the one suitable for you. Bank interest rates are 3-4%, while moneylenders demand a 4% interest rate.

Payment speed
The ease of approval and payment should determine the loan provider you choose.

Advantages of Cash Loans

Below are some of the benefits of using a fast cash loan when you urgently need money:

Fast application process
Loan applications via ROSHI are easy and fast. The process can be completed online, and enquiries sent through customer support. Our Customer support team can be reached via calls or WhatsApp messenger.

Multiple Loan Offers
We work with various banks and financial institutions that support easy cash loans. So, you can expect diverse offers that can match your needs – most of them within a few hours or sometimes minutes!

Easy Dispensing
With ROSHI, you can select a cash loan offer, finalise the last steps with the bank and receive your money. We will guide you through the process and ensure you quickly secure your cash loan.

Diverse Loan Purposes
Since this type of loan does not require security, they are for a variety of purposes.

Application Requirements for Our Fast Cash Loan

As easy as the application process is, there are some documents and information that we need. This helps us determine the eligibility of applicants. Loan applicants must be Singapore citizens above 21 years or permanent residents with a valid work permit. We also require the following documents:

  • National Passport or National Identity Card.
  • Employment letter or certificate of employment
  • Recent Payslips in the past three months
  • Receipt of standard bills such as bank statements, mobile phone bills etc.
  • Tenancy agreement (Only if your current residence is rented)
Why Should You Apply For An Instant Cash Loan?

Life comes with many experiences, some are good while others are challenging. An unexpected significant financial crisis could bring ruin to an individual, especially with the high cost of living in Singapore. Fast Cash believes that loans shouldn’t be burdensome but provide aid to the applicant. So, we designed product and services to match the needs of Singapore’s residents.
Fast Cash Loans are fast loans that are available to you within hours of application. You can complete the application process online and go to the office to receive your loan amount after it has been approved.

Who are Fast Cash Loans suited for?

Accredit Fast cash loans are ideal for people with immediate financial needs. Some scenarios where Fast Cash Loans can be used are:

  • Someone has some medical bills that may be bigger than their paycheck or haven’t received their paycheck.
  • An individual wants to purchase an item immediately but cannot wait to receive the paycheck.
  • A person wants access to fast money and does not want to go through the lengthy procedure of applying for a loan in the bank
  • Someone has bad credit and needs a loan to improve their credit score.
When would I need one?

Instant cash can be useful when you are grappling with cash flow problems, like overdue utility or rent bills – or unforeseen situations like a medical emergency. Our fast cash loan is here to meet your short-term, urgent needs and you don’t have to worry about going through the hoops of the banking system.

What is the lifespan for repayments?

Generally, the refund should be completed between 2 to 12 months after application.

How is a cash loan different from taking out a personal loan from a bank?

Certain banks require your minimum monthly income or credit history before you can apply for personal loans. Applicants also wait for days or weeks for loan approval because of the tedious documentation process.

What is the average approval period for loans?

After you complete your application process, it should be reviewed and approved within the next hour. Then depending on your preference, you will receive a check, cash or bank transfer.

Apply Online

Going online to apply for a fast cash loan offers convenience to you. Instead of filling out numerous forms and waiting to be interviewed by someone, you can enter your information online and get an answer within minutes.

Check with Your Bank First

Before searching the town (or the Internet) for a lender, we recommend that you should check your bank for fast cash loan offers. Due to your banking history with them, you could get approved faster and enjoy more favorable loan terms.

Consider a Cosigner or Co-Applicant

If your loan application has been previously rejected, bring in a cosigner that has a more prominent financial credit history than you. This will improve your application experience with the lender.

Ask for a Reasonable Amount

Resist the urge to use a fast cash loan as carte-blanche for huge cashouts. By keeping the amount you ask for reasonable and according to your actual financial need and ability to repay, you’ll have a better chance of getting fast approval.

Provide Accurate Information

Do not manipulate the numbers to make your financial situation look better. Lenders have a wide variety of tools to verify the information you’ve given them. If you get caught in an inconsistency, it could delay the approval or ultimately cause the denial of your loan.

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