Navigating Debt with Credit Counselling in Singapore: A Complete Guide

By Amanda Goh Navigating Debt with Credit Counselling in Singapore: A Complete Guide | Published 20 Mar 2024 2 Minutes


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Many people in Singapore need to learn that credit counselling is a solution to helping them organise their finances. Credit counselling Singapore (CCS) is a social service agency which offers help to those who need advice if debt is overwhelming their lives. CCS has various programs to help those struggling with debt and financial literacy workshops. CCS can provide financial counselling for individuals and businesses to analyse their situation and create a structured debt repayment plan.

Embark on a Debt-Free Journey with Professional Guidance

In Singapore, the concept of credit counselling remains under the radar, often met with puzzled expressions or surprise at its mention. Yet, the path to organising finances and embarking on a debt-free journey is always within reach, thanks to credit counselling. Tackling debt is a deeply personal issue, and many feel uncomfortable discussing it. However, it’s crucial to recognise the value of seeking advice and support when managing bills becomes challenging.

Understanding Credit Counselling

Credit counselling is a useful strategy for those grappling with unsecured debt. It offers insights, counselling, and repayment strategies. It provides financial guidance, debt management, and budgeting support to help you manage debt more effectively.

Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS), a non-profit organisation endorsed by the Association of Banks (ABS), aims to empower individuals with financial understanding and choices, restoring their control and dignity.

Services Offered by Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS)

CCS caters to individuals struggling with unsecured debt through two primary services: Unsecured Debt Assistance and Financial Education Programs.

What is Debt Assistance for Unsecured Debt?

For persons who struggle with managing their debt, CCS can offer you the following solutions:

  • Financial counselling: Financial counselling is tailored for those needing a breakdown of their financial situation. These sessions offer a thorough analysis of your finances, provided you’re open to sharing personal financial details. This openness allows financial counselors to deliver accurate and helpful advice.
  • Debt Management Programme (DMP): Designed for individuals facing significant financial distress due to unsecured obligations, the DMP facilitates a structured repayment plan with consumer banks and credit card issuers. It’s crucial to note that DMP is not a Debt Consolidation Plan but a scheme to repay each creditor individually under agreed terms. Eligibility criteria include owing unsecured debts to multiple creditors, having a total unsecured debt of at least S$10,000, and having bank accounts older than a year.
  • Enterprise Credit Counselling Programme (ECCP): Aimed at aiding small business owners in debt, the ECCP provides a debt repayment strategy for both unsecured business obligations and personal unsecured debts, given certain conditions are met.
  • Debt Management Discussions: Free talks covering a broad range of debt-related topics are available to enhance your debt management skills, beneficial even if you’re not currently facing debt issues.

What are Financial Education Programs?

CCS goes beyond just helping individuals to manage their debts. There are also many workshops, talks, and various programs that teach financial literacy. Check out some of their programs below: 

  • Workshops and Talks on Financial Literacy: CCS offers workshops on responsible credit use, effective money management, and financial literacy, addressing various topics relevant to life stages and economic decisions.
  • Workshops and Talks on Financial Literacy:Cents-ible Retirement Programme (CRP): This program aims to help individuals over 50 become financially self-sufficient. It features modules on assessing financial assets and developing strategies to maximise financial resources.

When to Seek Credit Counselling

If you’re dealing with unsecured debt amounting to at least S$10,000, CCS’s Debt Management Programme might be suitable. They can facilitate direct or indirect negotiations with creditors to restructure debt payments. Attending an information session followed by financial counselling can also be prudent.



Credit counselling in Singapore is vital for those seeking to navigate the complexities of debt and financial management. Through a range of services, from individual counselling sessions to comprehensive debt management programs, CCS provides the tools and support necessary to take control of their financial situations and move towards a more stable and debt-free future.

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