RHB Home Loans

RHB Home Loans (July 2024)
(Product Review)

Updated July 21, 2024

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Product Review

RHB Singapore (which was formerly known as UMBC Bank) was founded in 1961; four years before the country’s independence. After its establishment, the financial institution carried out some expansions and mergers which caused the change of name. RHB has impressive knowledge from years of experience and observation that they use to solve current problems. Therefore, facilitating your growth and progress.

RHB believes in mutually beneficial relationships. So, it created a structure that enables relationships to be formed and maintained with its partners and customers – which has contributed to the credibility and trust it enjoys as one of the remarkable banks. Their services cover corporate and private banking.

The bank made provision for a mortgage and refinancing loans with fixed and variable interest rates. These features and the repayment packages allow citizens of Singapore to personalise their home loans. However, RHB has high-interest rates that make their mortgage rates expensive.

Individuals seeking long-term mortgages with fixed or floating rates should consider this bank. However, their total loan cost may discourage prospective customers.

RHB’s Applicable Mortgage Fees

RHB demands the standard 1% processing fee and a lock-in period of 2-3 years. Failure to remit your monthly deposit will earn an extra 1% p.a. fee on outstanding debt.

RHB HDB Home Loans

Individuals interested in new and existing HDB flats should consider the services of RHB. RHBs’ floating rates are determined by the bank’s board and are liable to change quarterly with only 30 days’ notice.

Currently, RHB doesn’t have public rates available:

Bank 1st Year Interest Lock-in Period
No offerings at this time

RHB Private Property Home Loans

RHB’s floating interest rates are dependent on your project ( i.e building project or an already built property. Their rates are not on their website but our loan calculator estimates an average loan rate of 1.25-1.35%. Additionally, their lock-in period of 2-3 years is not convenient since other banks have a lock-in period of 0-1 year.

Bank 1st Year Interest Lock-in Period
RHB Board 1.35% 3 Years
RHB Board 1.35% 2 Years
RHB 3M SORA 1.59% 3 Years
RHB 3M SORA 1.59% 2 Years





  • Launch Application via the ROSHI Marketplace

    Once your application is live you will be able to review suitable loan options on your dashboard. One of our
    mortgage brokers will follow up with you to discuss the best available options and next steps.

  • Choose Suitable Mortgage Option

    After you’ve decided on a preferred mortgage option one of our mortgage brokers will help process your

  • Settle Fees & Charges

    Settle all fees (option fee, option exercise fee to the seller as well as the relevant buyer’s stamp duty fee in
    case you are purchasing a private property).

  • Appointment Date & Signing

    Attent your property purchase appointment date and sign all legal documents for the transfer of the property,
    paying all legal and valuation fees.


  • Flexible Repayments

    Ideal for Individuals looking for long-term loans with flexible repayment options.

  • Higher Rates

    Unsuitable for Individuals looking for the lowest interest rates.


Loan Features
  • Standard Processing Fee of 1%
  • Loan quantum of 75% purchase price or valuation
  • Tenure is for 5-30 years or until 65 years old
  • Higher interest rates than average