How to Grow Your Wealth in Singapore: A Beginner’s Guide to Stock Investing

By Wally Wong How to Grow Your Wealth in Singapore: A Beginner’s Guide to Stock Investing | Updated 7 Jan 2022 3 minutes

Beginners Guide to Stock Investments

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Investing early is critical to ensure that you are saving for your retirement. There are different ways of investing, but we are going to look at investing in stocks.

You need to make sure that you know everything there is to know about stock investing before you decide that this is something that you want to consider. You need to know:

  • The difference between stock investments and fund investments
  • The different type of stock investments
  • The risks involved in stock investing, and how you can limit the risks.

The type of investor you are or want to be

Firstly, you need to know what type of investor you are. Or, what type of investor you want to be. Are you going to be the traditional investor that seeks the service of a broker or, are you considering becoming an active investor?

You also need to consider if you are becoming a part or full time stock trader that is making a living out of stock investments. You should consider the amount of time you have available, the experience you have, and the amount of money you have to invest. This all depends on the type of investor you want to be, or are going to become.

Know the difference between investing in stock and investing in funds

There are two main types of investments you can consider. You can consider investing in stock, or investing in funds. Before you can decide which one you want to invest in, you need to make sure to know the difference.

Investing in stock is all about buying shares in a company or even in a product. You are earning dividends on the shares you own and you can sell it later for a huge profit. Rewards are high, but risks are just as high. If you are buying a stock that is going bankrupt, you will lose the money spent on the stock.

When you invest in a fund, your and other investors’ money is pooled together. A fund manager then buys, holds and sells investments on your behalf. Funds typically consist of one single asset type, usually either shares or bonds. The risk is lower, but so is the profit you earn on fund investments.

The different types of stock investments you can consider

There are three different types of stock investments that you can consider if you are thinking about investing in stock instead of in funds. You should make sure that you know every type of stock type before you can decide which one is best for you.

  • Individual stocks. This isn’t a stock investment that many are considering. This is because the risks are much higher than the profit you are going to make. To make individual stock trading successful, you will need a lot of time, patience, and experience in stock trading.You should not consider starting individual stock investments if you don’t have done some other stock investments as well.
  • Index funds. This is an option that is more recommended than investing in individual stocks. This is because the fees are lower, and the risks are lower as well.The risks are much lower with index funds, as your investment is spread across various stocks.
  • Robo-advisors. Robo-advisors has experienced brokers that are doing all the research on different stocks for you. And, they are investing in stocks via artificial intelligence.This is a great option because a computer will do the investments for you, minimising any human errors. However, the negative side of Robo-advisors is that they are asking fees and commission that you need to pay that is making your total investments lower.

The amount you want to spend

The amount you want to spend on investing in stock is essential. The higher the amount of money you are spending, the higher your profit and returns will be.

However, this is if you are investing in the right stock.

If you pay too much money and spending more than what you can afford, you have a risk of losing more money. This is why it’s advisable that when you are investing in stock for the first time, that you start with a smaller investment. Some people are making use of their savings to buy stock. And, in some cases, they regret it if they lost all their money instead of getting some profits.

Know the fees and commissions you need to pay

With any stock investment you are making, there will be fees and commissions that you need to pay. Some investments are asking higher fees than others. This is why you need to consider the fees and commissions that you need to pay before you choose a stock investment option.

You want to consider the investment fees you need to pay and the returns that you can get back. Make sure that the fees and commissions aren’t more than your profit. Otherwise, you will lose your money instead of making a profit for your old age.

The risk of investing and how to reduce the risks

There is one secret to reducing the risk of investing in stock. Make sure that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Meaning rather make more than one smaller stock investment and know that most of them will give you a profit. Then, to just invest in one stock, and pay everything you have into the one investment. If the investment fails, you will lose everything and this can cause serious financial troubles.

It’s important to know as much about stock investments as possible. This is to make sure that you don’t end up with a loss rather than getting a profit. We discussed the different types of investment options, the difference between stock and fund investments, and let you learn how to invest to ensure getting some profit.

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